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If you’ve ate any of these then you’re blessed more than other kids

Hey everyone, how are you ? Enjoying the weekend ? Today’s topic is quite nostalgic and is going to make us emotional. Be ready to take a small journey to your childhood as you move through this post. There are some things which only some people are lucky enough to witness. Some special things happen only to few generations or more clearly, for some small range of time. For example, people from 19th century witnessed things like wars, kingdoms and other stuffs like that. People from early 20th century witnessed World Wars, so why we, the 90s kids ( though we are not kids) will be behind some other generation in this race ? Even we’ve got some things which this new generation will never see. Let me memorize you those things which we (and only we) have ate and is unavailable to today’s kids. So let me begin with the list : 

1. Pepsi Blue : This blueberry flavoured drink by Pepsi was one of the tasty drinks introduced in 2002 but it was discontinued in 2004 owing to its low sales.

2.Milk Treat : Cadbury Milk  Treat was one of the best chocolate products that was in Market till 2008 but then it was also discontinued due to some reasons which is not yet told by the company. 

3. Chocki : This thing was the cheapest option if you wanted to eat some liquid chocolate. This thing just touched the soul. 

4. Bytes : People were used to eating chocolate wafers and then this thing came and captured the market but it went out of market as quick as it came to market. 

5. Hippo : These light snacks were my favourite when they used to exist. They had a variety of taste and didn’t had too much calories. 

6. Lays Chaat Street : Lays might have millions of other flavours but none of those can match the flavour of this amazing product.

As always, the last thing is gonna be special, and funny too, because this is Laughter Mania and we promise that We Make You Laugh With A Twist, so this is the last one :

7. Center Shock : Center Fresh Center Shock was one of the thing using which we used to prank our friends a lot. It was the only chewing gum which we used to offer to our friends effortlessly. Here is it :

This is how it works : 

Isn’t that shocking enough ?

If you found this article good enough, share it with your friends and let them travel to their childhood once again and also send this to those kids of today’s generation in order to make them regret why they were born so late. So that’s all for now. I’ll be coming up with more entertaining articles,  till then keep reading our articles and take care.

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