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What our elders are doing wrong ?

Hey reader, how are you ? There’s a saying in India that Your Elder is Always Right but I don’t believe this thing and many of you must be thinking the same way. Why are they supposed to be always right or why are we always supposed to always consider them right ? Here I might be sounding as a rebel but I don’t have any motive to hurt your sentiments. You might be respecting your elders and I do the same but as said by one of my elder brother : Mat-bhed hona chaiye , lekin Mann-Bhed nahi ( Your suggestions might be different but that must not affect your relation). In today’s article I’ll be narrating a story that shows how our elder people sometimes discourage us or demotivate us from doing some great things , not because they don’t want us to succeed but because they are too much concerned about us. They say ” Yeh kaise karega ? ” rather than saying ” Yeh to tujhe krna chaiye “.  

Here’s the story : 

Story #1

This is a story based n 2006-07, when smartphones were not a common thing in India. A little boy, with no knowledge of technology got struck by an idea. He thought about making a phone that has two cameras on the backside and both the cameras with powerful resolution. He went to his brother who was a technical head in an IT company, he told him the idea and said, “Brother we can make this thing and it will be superhit” and his brother gave that conventional Indian reply : “Yeh sab ke chakkar me mat pad, abhi padhai kar le “(Don’t get into all this, study first and then think of these things). So he went on to carry on study and dropped that so called shitty idea of dual camera on the back and guess what today we companies like iPhone, Honor, etc have come up with dual primary camera and companies like Vivo, Oppo has come up with dual secondary camera. 

Story #2

This story portrays how one idea can’t be in one brain and what idea you got can be in someone else’s head to. It depends on how fast you execute your idea. There was this boy with the idea of starting an eCommerce in 2009 on the way of eBay and his brother who had all the resources to get the eCommerce started told him that he’ll do the market research, know the opportunities and many other things which you can say in order to hide your laziness and guess what happened ? Flipkart happened just few years after this and his brother kept on thinking of starting the market research and all. 

And just like these two stories there are many more stories to follow. Even you might be having a story like this where you dropped some idea or passion just because of some elder. If you’re an Indian then you’re 99.9% vulnerable to this. Your relatives will just keep kicking your back until you get that job of Government Clerk. Still you can’t do anything except to make your elders understand your desire and to convince  them. And I believe that if elders stop doing this wrong thing than everything else will start getting sorted. Dear Elders, without any offence, try to inculcate this behaviour of saying You should do this. Thank You .

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