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Things which middle class people will agree doing

Hey everyone, how are you ? Today I’ll be writing on the most common thing in India. Middle Class. Even I belong to the Middle Class and I’m quite sure many of you must be belonging to the middle class. Today I’ll be talking about the most common things that middle class people do and I’m sure most of you will relate to doing these thing at certain point of your life. If you relate to any of these then promise me to share this post with your other friends. But before beginning with the list, just select below and submit which class you belong to ? (Just for survey , don’t submit if you don’t want to tell)  

Okay, so let’s start with the things ? 

1. Saving Polythene Bags : Okay so if you really consider yourself a middle class and haven’t done this then you’re lying for sure. We ask shopkeepers for a polythene bag even if we buy a small thing like a Kurkure packet, a small toothpaste or whatsoever small thing it can be. And what do we do with those polythene bags ? We keep it just for carrying dirty things or any other small things later. 

2. Wrapping TV Remote in Plastic : Giving our guest some extra respect and hospitality has been our culture ever since many centuries ago. And that’s the reason why you can witness TV remotes in everyone’s house wrapped up in plastics rather than the original remote guard. 

We do this :

 Related image

And not this : 

Image result for tv remote covered in remote guard

3.Squeezing Toothpaste : Squeezing all the bit of toothpaste until it finishes and then cutting its throat and again using whatever bit of it is left, this is being Indian Middle Class. 

4. Taking extra stuffs from food joints home : We people take ketchup sachets, jalapeno, tissues, oregano, etc home with us for no reason ? And this is not the final, we take saunf and sugar cubes from restaurant to our home too. 

Ans this last point is Savage Dude !! 

5. Old Cloth Pochcha : There might be time when you thought like, “This t-shirt is my favourite one man ! I love it. ” And as the t -shirt went out of your use it goes into recycle and it is used in most fierce way possible. It is made the Pochcha(Wiper) of our home or probably Kitchen. 

And yeah, this is not the end of all the things, the most Middle Class Thing is those upper class guys referring themselves as middle class. 

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So that’s all for today. I’ll be coming tomorrow with more entertaining articles,  till then keep reading our articles and take care.

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