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Are we really Independent ? “Happy Independence Day”

Hey everyone, Happy Independence Day to all of you. India got Independence 70 years back in 1947 on 15th of August but I want you all to touch your heart and ask yourself a question, Are we really Independent ? A girl feels unsafe walking on roads at night, a guy feels unsafe protesting against some evil girl, a poor feels unsafe to sue a rich for his misdeed, and we ourselves feel unsafe in doing so many things which we can’t even explain. I’ll list out a few points on which we can work so that we become independent not only on paper but even literally. Let’s begin : 

1. Independence of thoughts : We , the so called independent people of India are not allowed to think in our own way. We are judged for what we think. If we think about money, we are considered greedy. If we think about marks, we are considered asshole(“Chutiya sounds better”). If we think about bollywood, we are considered illiterate. If we talk to girls, we are considered perverts. And the list goes on till infinity. Why can’t we mind our own business ? The day we stop judging others from our point of view, that will be a kind of independence that’ll seem amazing.Let’s give it a try and it’ll feel amazing. I know it because I seriously don’t give a f*ck about all these kind of things. ( Kar ke dekho, acha lagta hai ).

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2. Respect for all : You might hate me for this but Respect Girls is quite overrated. Why just girls ? Everyone needs respect. Everyone must get equal respect. If you’re talking about equality of genders then why should you get an extra respect for being girl ? Try to respect each and every gender. 

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3. True Patriotism : Patriotism is overrated these days. Only place people show patriotism is on Social Media. Stop it guys. You don’t need to put tricolour dp, you don’t need to forward those chain messages that say you’re a traitor if you don’t forward this to 15 people. You just need to have true respect for your country in your heart such that whenever someone tries to disrespect our country we should fight them. 

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4. Respect Public Property : Yes, you read it correct. This must amaze you, you don’t have habit of respecting public property, right ? We keep blaming government for not doing their jobs but are we securing the things whatever government provides us with ? We throw garbage in public after thinking it’s not dirtying my house. We tear seats of pubic transports thinking it’s not mine so I must destroy it. We should start respecting those non-living public properties as well in order to grow further and become independent. 

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Okay so this lecture from Babaji is about to end. Enjoy your life and take a step towards making yourself independent. Some people might hate me for being so straight forward in this post but seriously I don’t care about those people. I’m not afraid of being judged and so you should be.

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