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Realistic Advertisement : This is what we need

This is an era of advertisement for sure. People advertising their products in whatever possible way they can. Sometimes they are relevant and sometimes not. But there are many relevant advertisements all around he world. I’ve brought few selected ones which are best. Let’s watch them : 

1. Love and relationship are one thing, but you must not be obsessed with him/her such that you keep talking to them all the time. Don’t talk while she drives.

2. Think about how you could make a diabetic patient eat something like candy which tends to attract everyone even in their old age. This is one of the best advertisement to show It’s sugar free.

3. This one encourages afforestation as it shows how pollutants like CO2 can be trapped and decreased by planting trees. Every leaf traps CO2.

4. You must think about saving every drop of water as it costs life to someone. Save water Save Life.

5. A website for blogging tells the important of words as power. Words kill wars.

6. Alcohol is good for nothing while driving. Don’t drink and drive. 

7. This one displaying the power of this beast machine is cool. More pull.

8.We are definitely breathing polluted air.  This one is going to be true if we don’t plant more trees. 

9. Hearing songs lifts your mood but imagine, it can even take your life. Watch for cars when using earphones.

10. Some people don’t even get water and some people waste too much of it. Think about what you could save when you save water.

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All the image has a message of its own and we must try to understand each and every message so that life keeps getting better with passing time. 

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