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India is not intolerant it’s offended

Hey everyone, what’s up ? Weekend going well ? Today we have the topic of offended Indians. Last year there were debates over India being intolerant country and many people were stuck in the controversy but this year, something is different. We are not actually intolerant but of course we are offended people. There’s always one thing that offends us for sure.  Let’s watch this most common list in which 90% of the people get offended for sure. 

Disclaimer : This post is just my view. I don’t tend to offend anyone and I don’t hate any religion. Take this post in a positive way and just for laugh. 

1. Favourite actors/actress : This is that category where people get too much offended. Just talk somehing wrong about any actor/actress and you’ll be surrounded by people who love them ready to imitate their(actor’s) fighting sequence on you. Sallu bhai’s fans are th most die hard and loyal one’s to be precise. They’ll be like ” Bhai agar footpath pe gaadi chadhayega to apun log bhi wahich karenge”. 

2.Favourite Cricketers : This one is not at all lesser than 1st category in offending people. MSD fans hate Ganguly for no reason and vice versa. Kohli’s fan hate Gambhir for no reason and vice versa. Pandya fans hate Jadeja and even the whole country probably hates Jadeja for no reason after Champions Trophy Incident(” Bhai agar Pandya Not Out bhi reh jaata to utne runs ghanta nahi bna paata” , This must offend few people on my blog.). Tell some die hard cricket fan that Kohli is the new Tendulkar and then be ready to be kicked in the balls.

3.Favourite Politician : It has become a trend to hate opposition politician if you love some other politician. Why do we need to do so ? We can take positive lessons from every politician ? Still if you are a Modi fan it’s compulsory to hate Kejriwal, if you’re a Leftist it’s compulsory for you to hate everything except JNU. If you’re a Mamta Didi fan, you need to hate everyone who’s not from West Bengal. (Oh boy !! I’m probably going to offend so many people) 

4.Personal Religion : Religion is a thing which almost everyone follows. But the problem is that people tend to die for their own religion but they don’t hesitate for a second in spreading hatred for other’s religion. They’ll make jokes on other’s religion but if you try to make a joke on their own religion they’ll be like “Ek shabd bol ke dikha mere dharm ke bare me tujhe khol dunga”

And this final one is really offensive. People are going to abuse me for this. But before this, you must read the Disclaimer at the top. 

5.Indian Army :  People are getting really possessive with Indian Army. Indian Army is one of the best army in the world. They save our lives by sacrificing theirs, they do their duty in cold winters, hot summers and whatever be the season but people are too much possessive about them that they’ve become victics of fraud people. Many fraud forums collect money based on petitions that claim to donate money to the ARMY. I just want to warn you people that “Help Army but don’t become an emotional fool”. 

And to conclude with my article, I want to show something to you. There are so many good things to get offended to and look what this building claims to be offensive : 

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