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This will make you say “This is amazing”

Photography is a thing which has grown too much in the recent days as passion. Every student seems to be becoming photographer. But even there, there is a world level competition for Photography. Watch these amazing breathtaking pictures from World Photography Competition.

1.Amazing. Imagine photographer waiting at that spot for so long to take the picture so perfectly ?


2. At first, I thought that what’s new in it ? The photograph is just tilted.(“Isme kya naya hai photo kheech ke ulta kar diya ? “) but actually it was taken by the photographer hanging in the air.


3. This is seriously breathtaking. Look at those icy mountains. Want to go there ? 


4. You are wrong. She’s not flying in the air. The water is so clean that it is almost transparent.


5.If I’d have decided to take these kind of photographs,my mother would’ve never let me go because I’m the only child in my family.(Agar main aise photo khichne jaata to gharwale maar peet ke ghar pe hi rok lete. Iklauta beta hu bhai, jaanwaro ke haathon marne ka shauk nahi hai.)


6. Okay tell me where the hell is ground ? (Chalo chalo sablog batao jaldi se ki jameen kidhar hai ? )(Ans : Beech me jameen hai….khoj lo tumlog)


7. The Photographer is probably from Gotham City. Looks like Batman is approaching the city.


8. Look at this kid. Hanging from such a height would’ve freaked me out. 


Image Credits : Bored Panda

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All these images were clicked after a lots of hard work, lots of dedication towards passion. Let’s share their work with as many people as possible so that their work is worth it.

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