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Disastrous Bollywood Photos You Must Not Miss !!

Bollywood never fails to irritate us with its disastrous plot, story line and illogical characters. But there was a time when good movies used to exist in Bollywood during the 20th century. Still, nothing can ever be perfect and that’s why I’m here with awkwardly disastrous pics of Bollywood.

1. This happens when you are a Bollywood star but your movie flops very badly.

2. Tim Miller(Director of Deadpool) thought of making the movie in 2016 but our Mithun Da has already played the character of Deadpool back in the 80s.

3. This happens when you are promoting “Shakahari rahein swasth rahein” and want to look practical.

4. This happens when a bollywood director wants to make a superhero movie but doesn’t have rich producers.

5. This happened when the director had lots of “Udhaar” on Make Up artist.

6.When the director wanted to cast a villain but he was a feminist.

7.When you don’t have money for ultrasound but the movie needed to contain it.

8.Look at Jitendra. He must have been excited to pick up Sridevi but then he realised she was too heavyto lift fully.

9. When director wanted to shoot but Dharmendra was chilling in bed in his underwears.

And this final one is too epic. Too tharki.

10. When Akshay Khanna can’t control his emotion by looking at ravishing Karishma Kapoor.

These pictures were so funny and weird. Weren’t they ? Stay tuned to Laughter Mania and keep reading some awesome contents.

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