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Happy Friendship Day !! Open this to relive your friendship

Hey everyone a very Happy Friendship Day to you all my readers. Friendship is the thing which no one can ever define in some limited words. It’s always filled with love, emotion, fun, hatred sometimes and many other things. In this post I’ll present 9 exclusive posters about FRIENDSHIP which you all will relate to and nod while reading it. So like always let’s begin :

1.No matter how exhausted we were, we never stopped playing.






2.We grew together in our locality and saw everything change, together.







3.Just a wink and a wicked smile would symbolize what we wanted to do and that’s how every bunk was planned.







4. So many fights over our favourite teams and guess where it used to happen. Every time at the friends house.







5. Whatever be your age you’ll never feel boring in the company of your true friends.That’s the beauty of friendship.






6.Whether it’s good one or bad one, all the secrets of ours are safe and secure with that special person known as friend.






7. Tell your problem to your friend and kill me if he never turns it into a funny situation.







8. However hectic the schedule might be but taking out time for friends and going with them for a walk is never a waste of time.







9. When you’ve got friends at work too then it’s sure that you’ll work much more easily and with fun.







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