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Don’t claim to be Indian if you have not seen these pics !!

India has been an amazing country ever since it is known. Either you can consider past or you can visualize the present. Amazing might be a small word if it comes to describe India.

In the past it was amazing because of its culture, the warrior kings and their wealth and so on.The biggest irony is that India was amazing, as it was called Golden Bird.

In the present it is known for its politics, its sports culture, its businessmen and so on.

In this post I’m going to amaze you by showing eight amazing photographs of this amazing and mesmerizing country which you have not ever seen. So let’s begin :

1.This is a pic of Charlie Chaplin and Mahatma Gandhi sitting together. Isn’t it strange that Charlie Chaplin looked like this. Gandhi was like this all his life but just look at Charlie Chaplin. Oh god !!!

Charlie Chaplin with Gandhi

2.Kashmiri Gate of ancient India. Better known these days as Kashmiri Gate Bus Stand. This looks so amazing man. The design was really amazing.

Kashmiri Gate

3.The technology is on the boom these days and now everything is done with a smart card in our hand, either it is taking cash or it is an identity card. Look at this amazing photograph of Driving License from 1943. Amazing, the technology has gone too far.

Driving License

4.How do you imagine a wedding ? Musical instruments, rituals, dances and all. But look at this amazing photograph of an Indian Bride and Bridegroom from 1908.

Bride and Bridegroom

5.Today we talk about women empowerment and feminism but the ones who have decided to do things have started doing it back then. Look at this photograph that amazes me. Sarla Thakral, the first and youngest women pilot of India.

India's first women pilot

6.Chandrashekhar Azad, the guy whose name was enough to send chills through the spine of Britishers, he was not even killed by Britishers, he shot himself when he got to know that he might be killed. This is his last photograph after he was dead.

After Chandrashekhar Azad's death

7.Jhansi, famous with the name of Maharani Lakshmibai or Jhansi Ki Rani had an amazing fort which kept Jhansi secure from many attacks. Look at this amazing pic of the fort.

Jhansi Fort

8.Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world was protected from bombing during World War 2 by doing this. Look at this amazing photograph.

Taj Mahal During World War 2

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I hope all these photographs were amazing enough to keep your attention. Share it with your friends and let them enjoy the ancient India.

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